Here at Freedom From Fear, advocacy is our primary concern. We are contacted every day by those seeking treatment for a mental health concern. Freedom From Fear has created a campaign for Anxiety and Depression Awareness. During this week, we work with hospitals, universities, schools, libraries, Mental Health Associations, and other community-based organizations to spread awareness about mental illness and the availability of treatment in their areas. We encourage you to take part in ending the stigmas of mental health illnesses.

What is Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week?

This project is to help individuals suffering from anxiety and depressive disorders to find treatment. Registrants in National Anxiety and Depression Awareness Week will receive materials that can be used towards organizing an event during this week. The materials included in the package can help assist in educational programs, training programs, and much more.



    This DVD takes an intimate look at the lives of three individuals who suffer from a social anxiety disorder, the third most common mental illness in the United States.  The individuals in the film share their personal experiences and their efforts to overcome this debilitating illness. This film is narrated by Donny Osmond, a popular entertainer.

  • The Mind Causes Pain DVD

    This DVD tells the story of real people who suffer from painful physical symptoms that are disrupting their lives.  When they learned that their emotional state was driving their pain, their journey to recovery began.  Featured in this video are Aaron BeckM.D., the “Founder of Cognitive Therapy”, and Judith Beck, Ph.D. talking about Cognitive therapy.  The video is narrated by Marc Summers, a popular television personality.

  • 25 copies of the MINI (Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview) screening forms

    These forms can accurately diagnose the five main anxiety disorders as well as major depression.

  • Anxiety and Depression Awareness CD-ROM

    CD-ROM contains fact sheets, posters, and other useful promotional materials that will help you to run an event

Cost $30.00 (including shipping and handling). This is normally a $100.00 value.


Making Recovery Work

Due to the overwhelming donations we received, the staff at Freedom From Fear was able to organize a program called Making Recovery Work, which launched in 2012. This project provides 400 inpatients at South Beach Psychiatric Hospital with a Holiday Feast. In addition, 257 patients receive a holiday gift bag, which includes tee shirts, hats, socks, gloves, toiletries, candy, and a positive note. Additional money is given to destitute families to help them purchase necessities that they aren't able to afford. Resources for people who live in facilities are being reduced, yet the need for them is increasing dramatically. Many have not had any family contact in years and the hospital has been their residence for long periods. The donations and gifts we provide bring happiness to every dismal living situation and are greatly appreciated by the patients. To date, Freedom Freedom Fear has packaged over 2,000-holiday gifts for distribution to all of the inpatients at South Beach Psychiatric Center. Below are comments we have received from the inpatients over the last few years:

"Ms. Mary, I was so excited because my box didn't have one gift it had five. Thank you so much, best Christmas ever!"- Florence

"Dear Ms.Guardino, thank you so much for thinking of us during these times. The food was great and it made my holiday much better. The gifts were great too! Have a great holiday yourself!"- Carrie P

"Thanks so much for making Christmas worthwhile. Wishing you many more."- Belinda J


Freedom From Fear Support Groups

Support groups are extremely important when receiving treatment. They are a way for individuals to receive both emotional and practical support while in treatment.  Individuals, as well as their family members, find support groups to be extremely helpful and valuable to recovery.  These groups create a place where individuals can come together and share medical history, have a feeling of "normality", and educate each other.

Support groups are made up of people who share common interests or have gone through similar experiences.  These groups create a place where relationships between strangers can be molded. Members share their experiences, learn coping skills, and exchange information on community providers.
Many communities have support groups that can be quite helpful in assisting people with mental health problems. They are also a good resource to learn about treatment opportunities from other individuals who attend the groups.

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